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Shujuan Mao

NEWS: I'll be joining the University of Texas at Austin, Jackson School of Geosciences as a tenure-track assistant professor. My research group on 4D Seismology is actively looking for PhD students starting Fall 2024. Don't hesitate to contact me (shujuan.c.mao AT gmail DOT com) if you're interested!

My research lies at the intersection of seismology, hydrogeology, and energy sciences. The overarching goal of my work is to advance our knowledge of how Earth's fluid/vapor systems change over time and space,  with a focus on hydrological processes, geothermal energy exploitation, carbon capture and storage, and volcanic unrest. These processes are pivotal in enhancing our understanding and effective management of critical resources (such as water and energy) and geohazards. A core aspect of my research is to develop and apply cutting-edge seismic interferometry methods to probe the 4-Dimensional (space-time) changes in subsurface fluids. 

I'm currently a Thompson Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Geophysics at Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability. Before starting at Stanford, I received a B.S. degree from Peking University (2015) and a Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2021), both in geophysics. As part of my PhD, I stayed at ISTerre in Grenoble, France, for about two years, collaborating with the ambient seismic noise group. 

Research interests

Environmental seismology,  Hydrogeophysics,  Geothermal energy, Carbon sequestration, Critical-zone processes,  Passive seismic monitoring, Time-lapse imaging, Diffuse wavefield, 4D seismology

At the Camden groundwater recharge ponds, California