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Shujuan Mao

I am currently a Thompson Postdoctoral Fellow in the Geophysics Department at Stanford University.

I aim to better understand the physical mechanisms of various time-evolving processes in the Earth's shallow subsurface, associated with hydrologic, tectonic, volcanic and anthropogenic activities. My current research focuses on developing and utilizing seismic interferometry techniques to monitor the space-time evolution of seismic wavespeed. I'm also interested in integrating the seismological observations with other geophysical data, to provide a comprehensive 4-D characterization of near-surface systems.

Prior to starting at Stanford, I received a B.S. degree from Peking University (2015) and a Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2021), both in geophysics. During my PhD, I stayed at Institut des Sciences de la Terre for about two years working with the seismic ambient noise group.


Email: sjmao AT stanford.edu

You can also find me at: